FEMA crisis statement - takes into account better, more educated dynamic

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"First United Bank is an esteemed, long-lasting Black Knight customer, and we are pleased to give our trusted, extensive, coordinated innovations for its overhauling needs," said Black Knight President Joe Nackashi. "We stay focused on following through on advancement to help First United Bank's activities and development and anticipate the proceeded with extension of our relationship later on."

Dark Knight, Inc. (NYSE:BKI) is an honor winning programming, information and examination organization that drives development in the home loan loaning and overhauling and land businesses, just as the capital and optional business sectors. Organizations influence our powerful, coordinated arrangements across the whole homeownership life cycle to help hold existing clients, acquire new clients, relieve hazard and work all the more viably.
About First United Bank:

Set up in 1900, First United has in excess of 85 bank, home loan and protection areas all through Oklahoma and Texas. It is one of the biggest, very much promoted banking associations in the Southwest with resources of more than $10 billion, and it is among


the biggest secretly held local area banking associations in the United States. First United gives a full scope of monetary administrations including banking, home loan, protection, and speculation items and benefits, and is devoted to rousing and enabling others to Spend Life Wisely[レジスタードトレードマーク]. Learn more at
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